Friday Favorites 10.30.20

Jack as a Lion

Happy Friday! I am seeing so many people posting that the month is never-ending and it seems as though we have spent a year in each month. Is that the case for you? It is definitely not the case for me, despite the changes we have had to make this year, I feel like this year is completely flying by. That statement is coming from someone who went from a packed schedule six out of seven days a week, to having no events and spending her days in nature. 

Jack isn\’t a fan of costumes, and since he does so much with me (and puts up with me taking endless pictures of him) I honor him disliking it. One thing he does like is a lions mane that goes around his neck that my mum made him for his first Halloween to go with my Dorthy from the Wizard of Oz costume. Every year since Jack has been wearing and loving his lion costume. Above you can see a picture of him rocking it this year. 

As October and spooky season come to a close, many of us a gearing up for the holidays. By the way, there are only 56 days until Christmas. This week I shared my holiday gift guides with you and next week I will be getting into more of the spirit of the season. Don\’t forget to check back this Sunday when I release my 30 things to do in November post.

Have a Happy Halloween!

I made a batch of these Pup\’kin Biscotti dog treats for Jack.

I have been enjoying the flavor of Yates cider more than ever lately.

These boots are on my wishlist.

And this beanie is on my wishlist as well.

If you love scary movies Come Play opened in theaters today.

I am really enjoying this popcorn

This sugar whip is keeping my skin hydrated as temperatures get cooler.

I absolutely love this produce wash.

If you\’re looking to make the inside of your vehicle smell better without the chemicals I love this diffuser.

I am addicted to the maple crunch peanut butter.

This tis the season mug is the cutest.

If you\’re looking for a new favorite snack these are my favorite.

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