eCommerce Millionaire Mastery by Kevin Zhang Review

eCommerce Millionaire Mastery by Kevin Zhang Review
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Have you heard of Kevin Zhang before? If not, then you\’re not alone. Kevin Zhang is a relatively new face in the eCommerce industry, but he is gaining speed in the industry quickly. If you are a part of any marketing channels, you may have seen some promotion surrounding Kevin Zhang\’s new eCommerce course, which is designed to teach you the same business processes that made him a millionaire at a young age. 

The eCommerce training course was created by Kevin Zhang and teaches the skills that he used to get to where he is today. The course will run you about $2,000. Being in the eCommerce industry, I decided to check out Kevin Zhang\’s eCommerce Millionaire Mastery course to see if it is legit or a scam.

First, I decided to do a little research…

Who is Kevin Zhang?

Kevin Zhang is an eCommerce entrepreneur and CEO of Kreator eCommerce, a global eCommerce organization with over 60 team members and over $20 million in sales. 

What is eCommerce Millionaire Mastery? 

Kevin created the eCommerce Millionaire Mastery course to condense his eCommerce knowledge into a single source. EMM is one of the most comprehensive eCommerce courses that I have seen thus far. The course features 15 training modules that are jam-packed with the information you need to be successful in the eCommerce world. 

How to use the eCommerce Millionaire Mastery Course

The course outline states that it features over 180 videos, offers weekly phone calls, and an active Facebook. There is even a step-by-step checklist that will help you navigate the course, so you won\’t feel overwhelmed. 

What can you find in the eCommerce Millionaire Mastery?

Module 1: Introduction to eCommerce and the Entrepreneurial Mindset
You will learn how to think like an entrepreneur and be given a basic introduction to eCommerce. One of the big things you will do in the first module is to write down the #1 reason you want to be an entrepreneur and place it somewhere visible near your workspace. 
Pro Tip: If you don\’t know the basics, you\’ll never have a successful business. Don\’t think you know all about eCommerce and skip this module, take the time to actually go through it!

Module 2: Branded Niche Dropshipping 
During these modules, you will discover how to create a Shopify account, add apps, and select a niche.
Pro Tip: Many companies miss this mark and don\’t stick to a niche. I once worked for a company that was all about socks. Socks were in the title of the website, however, they also sold underwear, which means they were not niched down. During this module you will learn Kevin\’s actual business model and why it is better and more effective than other generic dropshipping methods out there.

​Module 3:  Ecommerce Consumer Psychology
During this module, you learn the importance of understanding your consumers. This will help you learn to not only improve your sales but your approach to sales. 

Module 4: Introduction Shopify Web Design 
In this module, you\’ll learn about buying a domain, creating product collections, naming products, adding tags, and more. 
Pro Tip: This section alone will be a game-changer for you. You\’ll not only discover how easy Shopify is to use and gain the confidence you need to create your website without hiring a pricey developer. Don\’t forget a beautifully designed website gets more clicks.

Module 5: Shopify Web Design Mastery
During this module, you\’ll use Photoshop to create a logo and make homepage banners and collection images. You’ll also be adding products, a term of service, and essential pages like privacy, shipping FAQ, returns/refunds, contact us, track orders, about us, and more.
Pro Tip: Hiring a graphic designer will be pricey, so take advantage of Kevin’s graphic design team for inexpensive outsourcing

Module 6: Setting up your Facebook Account for Advertising 
In this module, you learn how to create a Facebook business page, how to add the Facebook pixel to your Shopify store, and more. 
Pro Tip: Companies and brands pay a lot of money to have someone run their Facebook business pages. When you sign up for the eCommerce Millionaire Mastery course, you actually get the information, which means you will save hundreds or thousands of dollars because you know how to do it on your own. 

Module 7: How to make Engaging and Highly Profitable Advertisements
You\’re going to learn how to test different creative formats such as slideshows, videos, and images to get the most out of your advertisements.
Pro Tip: Video is really trendy right now.  Definitely take the time to learn it and understand it. As someone in eCommerce, I have seen plenty of companies miss the mark here when there is so much potential.

Module 8: Basic Facebook Ad Strategy
Get ready to learn how to launch your ads in this module! You\’ll learn about target interests, audiences, how to optimize for purchases, how to set a budget, the importance of creatives, and so much more.
Pro Tip: There are A LOT of free classes out there that will teach you Facebook ad strategy. However, none (that I have found) will give you all the information in one location. So, this section is a game-changer in itself. 

Module 9: Advanced Facebook Ad Strategy
You will learn how to implement advanced strategies as they are needed.

Module 10: Effective Sales Strategies and Business Fundamentals
In this module, you will learn and establish basic accounting practices for your store as well as the importance of testing sales.
Pro Tip: You’ll learn different strategies for running effective, compliant sales.\” Learning about the verbiage your consumers prefer will be quintessential for your success when it comes to sales and getting them to shop.

Module 11: High ROI Email and SMS Marketing for Drop Shipping
During this module, you will learn about setting up and launching an email marketing campaign. Many of us shop directly from the emails that we receive, that is why you must have an email marketing campaign in place.
Pro Tip: I am in email marketing, and it takes a lot of trial and error. However, when you know things that are tried and true and have already been tested, you are less likely to waste time and money. 

Module 12: Multivariate Testing, A/B Testing, and Heat Maps
Here you will learn how to conduct A/B testing and set up a heat map. Take this section seriously! Pay attention to it and you will already be in better shape than a lot of other companies and brands.
Pro Tip: Companies big and small skip this step, however, when you are not A/B testing you\’re not learning about your consumers, you\’re just guessing likenesses. When you A/B test you actually get to learn what they are more willing to open in emails and where they are landing on your site.

Module 13: Setting up Bulletproof Customer Support
Have you ever had a bad customer support experience? I know I have, and it\’s made me not want to shop with that company ever again! Don\’t be like that company you received bad customer support from. In this module, you’ll learn how to set up customer support. You\’ll also learn how to set up G-Suite and a branded domain (ex. One of my favorite things about this module is you actually learn how to set up a Google Voice number for your store.
Pro Tip: Google can be tricky to use sometimes, that\’s why this module is perfect for getting established with the important things. 

Module 14: Keeping Your Business Alive and Out of Trouble
During this module, you\’ll learn about all the things you probably don\’t want to think about… making sure you are paying the correct taxes, reviewing FTC compliance policies, understanding Facebook advertising policies, learning how to report stores that are stealing your work, etc.
Pro Tip: This is the important stuff that many people let slip through the cracks. 

Module 15: Building Advanced Infrastructure and Achieving Full Automation
This module will teach you about outsourcing, negotiating better rates with your supplier, and private labeling.
Pro Tip: This module is remarkably interesting, and it helps you gain the confidence to trust others and outsource things that you don’t have time to do. 

Is the eCommerce Millionaire Mastery Course relevant today?

If you\’re wondering if this course will help you despite COVID-19 the answer is YES. Kevin provides you with his best strategies to ensure that you leave every customer 100% satisfied even if COVID is messing with your supply chain. One thing that you will learn from Kevin\’s course is how other students handle COVID delays.

When a delay is present, they send out an email to the affected customers explaining the situation, apologizing for the inconvenience, and offering some sort of discount or free gift. What makes his plan different from others is that they actually give choices to the customer on how to proceed. How many companies have you experienced that offer this kind of customer service? I bet maybe one or two, but most likely none. 

Kevin even provides students with a full email template, on how to address issues, in a PDF form and explains why his strategies are powerful. One thing I learned is that the most powerful parts of sending an email during delays (especially during COVID-19) are building trust and a relationship with the customer. You\’re acknowledging someone\’s frustration and showing that you\’re willing to work with the consumer. Now tell me what other courses you’d ever find that information in! Most don’t acknowledge the harder things when it comes to business and this course not only discusses them but also how to overcome them.

Ultimately what do students learn in the eCommerce Millionaire Mastery course?

You will learn about the four pillars of success that have made Kevin Zhang a multi-millionaire: 

1. Building a brand and a website that people will TRUST

2. Creating a RELATIONSHIP with suppliers 

3. Building infrastructure and AUTOMATING your business

4. GROWING your business

eCommerce Millionaire Mastery Price and Features

The eCommerce Millionaire Mastery course isn\’t cheap. $2,000 is A LOT of money for a training course. However, the course provides you with a ton of valuable content that you would otherwise have to spend countless hours reading, researching, testing, and searching on the web. This doesn’t even include the mentorship program that is included in the price.

Some of the information provided in the course are things that big brands don\’t even understand or are not implementing. For what you get in this course, I definitely believe $2,000 is a good price. In all honesty, some marketing conferences will run you over $2,000 and don\’t even provide the information that Kevin is willing to give you.

I especially love the fact that there is relevant information in the course that will help you satisfy customers even during a time where frustration is running high. This course will give you the confidence to not only become your own boss, but it will make you feel confident in being able to gain trust with your customers. I think the trust factor is something that some businesses forget even though it\’s one of the most important parts of business ownership. Without trust, your customers are not telling their friends and family about your website. 

While others do not want to share their secrets to success, I am extremely impressed with all the information you can find in the eCommerce Millionaire Mastery course. 

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