Travel Diaries: Michigan’s ThumbCoast

Being a Michigander I have found myself all over the state, however the one place I have never adventure around is the thumb. Since it is not a traditional year traveling, I have found myself doing things closer to home. Which means, I finally got to experience what Michigan’s ThumbCoast has to offer. If you have not discovered the blue before – I highly recommend a ThumbCoast trips.

The thumb area of Michigan’s Lower Peninsula (Michigan is shaped like a mitten in case you didn’t know) is along Lake Huron, offering some of the most charming towns with plenty of maritime history. Whether you’re looking for adventure or a relaxing trip the Michigan’s blue water area is sure to have something for you. From hiking, hiking and paddling to enjoying 140 miles of shoreline and watching freighters pass by (my favorite), there’s a little something for everyone. Not to mention there are unique boutiques around every corner.

My favorite spots in the thumb area of Michigan’s Lower Peninsula

Grindstone General Store – Grindstone City
Step right up for a supersized serving of hand-dipped ice cream in the quaint little town of Grindstone, just outside of Port Austin at the tip of the thumb. This adorable shop opened back in the 1890s and is the last remaining business of Grindstone City, a once-thriving stone-mining town. The market for grindstones may have melted away years ago, but the love for ice cream has not. These colossal cones are what keeps this little town on the map and why it\’s a must stop. Seriously, these scoops are so big, even the baby is unbelievably large.

Note: I couldn’t decide between scoops so they made me a two scoop that is actually the baby size. This is NOT a traditional two scoop – a two scoop is absolutely massive and probably bigger than my head! 


Fort Gratiot Light Station – Port Huron
This beautiful lighthouse first began guiding ships in 1829, and is said to be Michigan’s oldest lighthouse.

Turnip Rock – Port Austin
Note: I have never seen Turnip Rock in person before, it looks amazing and is on my list of things I want to do. 
Turnip Rock is a small geological formation located in Lake Huron. You can only get to see Turnip Rock via kayak.

Pointe Aux Barques Lighthouse – Port Hope
Located in Port Hope this amazing lighthouse ranks among the oldest lighthouses in Michigan. It is actually an active lighthouse that is remotely maintained by the US Coast Guard.


Blue Water Bridge – Port Huron
The Blue Water Bridge expands over the heart of Port Huron and is what connects Port Huron (United States) to Sarnia (Canada). The boardwalk that runs underneath the Blue Water bridge is my favorite place to enjoy watching freights.

If you have never taken a drive through Michigan’s ThumbCoast I highly recommend it. Not only will you see amazing freights, visit beautiful lighthouses and beaches, but discover wonderful restaurants and adorable shops.

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