Movie Review: Irresistible

In all honesty, political movies are not ones that I typically have an interest in. However, when I first saw the trailer for Irresistible, I knew it was a movie I was going to want to watch. Steve Carell is typically a hilarious casting choice – so that was an instant draw to the film. Also, from the preview, it seemed to be a political movie that did not choose a side, which I can respect. 
Irresistible begins with the results of the 2016 election and places the two main characters Gary (Steve Carell) and Faith (Rose Byrne) at the center of it. Viewers see that Faith works with Republicans on the Trump campaign, while Gary works with Democrats on the Clinton side. I must say, I definitely started laughing during the press room scene with both characters being totally honest talking about lying and twisting words.

When Gary is shown a viral video of a small-town man who wants to run for mayor, he is instantly intrigued. Instantly it gets the attention of Faith and she is sent into to ensure the current mayor keeps his position. The antics between Gary and Faith are quite hilarious – making up lies, digging up dirt. All real things that politicians do. The movie makes you realize what a divide we have in this country.

Irresistible takes a comedic approach to politics and gives viewers a different look at the process. Laughs combined with a serious topic make this movie rare to watch.

Bring the debate home when it is released on Digital on Demand Friday, June 26. 

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