The 5 Best Michigan Summer Adventures

Michigan is an active and outdoor state, although I feel like people sometimes forget that. Michigan is home to three major things that a lot of states do not have: water, forests, and outdoor sports. With so much to do, you may be thinking that activities will break the bank, and that is definitely not the case.

Looking to get out on the water? Michigan is a giant peninsula. Whether it\’s a river, lake, or one of the Great Lakes, no matter where you are in the state you are never more than six miles from a body of water. Did I mention, no matter where you are in the state you are never more than 85 miles from one of the Great Lakes?

Are you more of the adventure time that likes to be where the wifi is weak? Then Michigan\’s forests will be perfect for you. With over 53 percent of Michigan is covered in forests you\’re sure to find endless trails, camping, biking, and adventures.

Maybe you\’re more of the outdoor enthusiast if that\’s the case Michigan is still the place for you! When it comes to outdoor sports in the summertime, Michigan is your place to be. From kayaking and mountain biking to jet skis and off-roading you\’re sure to find the perfect adventure.

The 5 best Michigan summer activities

1. Climb Sleeping Bear Sand Dunes
Located in Empire, Michigan, Sleeping Bear Dunes not only offer an amazing workout but a gorgeous view as well. Sleeping Bear Dunes was even voted \’Most Beautiful Place in America\’ and for good reason. The climb is something anyone can achieve you just have to try. From the top of the dunes, you will see beautiful landscapes and the waves of Lake Michigan welcoming you. The best part of climbing the dunes, running or rolling back down them. You just can\’t be afraid to get a little sand in your pants, I mean it\’ll come out…eventually.

2. Kayak out to Turnip Rock
Located at the tip of the thumb you will find Port Austin, Michigan. Port Austin is home to one of Michigan\’s greatest wonders, Turnip Rock. The shallow waters surround Turnip Rock make it only accessible by kayak. The trip consists of a 7 mile out-and-back trip via the Point aux Barques trail located on Lake Huron. Since the water is shallow you\’re able to leave your kayak and get up close and personal with Turnip Rock for some amazing pictures.

3. Bike around Mackinac Island

Take a ferry boat over to Mackinac Island and rent a bike when you arrive. The M-185 Perimeter Tour is an 8-mile state highway that loops around Macinac Island\’s shoreline. The best part, it\’ll only be bikers, walkers and the occasional horse-drawn buggy since cars are not allowed on the Island. From start to finish you will find yourself on a flat and smooth asphalt road that places you between the forest and the shores of Lake Michigan and Lake Huron offering gorgeous views along the way. If you ride a leisurely pace it will take you about 1.5 hours, this includes a little bit of time for photo opportunities, which I highly recommend that you take.

4. Kayak the Pictured Rocks

If you\’re looking for a picture-perfect Michigan adventure, the Pictured Rocks are your place to be. Lake Superior has some of the clearest waters and is my favorite Great Lake to go and visit. Tucked away in Michigan\’s Upper Peninsula Lake Superior offers plenty of hidden gems, like Pictured Rocks. One of the best ways to explore pictured rocks is by heading up to Munising. You can either go on a guided boat tour or rent a kayak to explore Lake Superior\’s Pictured Rocks National Shoreline. Discover the magnificent arches and rock formations and you get up close and personal with Bridalveil Falls, Kissing Rock, Lovers Leap Arch, Caves of the Bloody Chiefs, Indian Head, Battleship Row, Chapel Rock and the sea caves of Pictured Rocks.

5. Visit Black Rocks
Located in Marquette, Michigan and tucked away in Presque Isle Park, you will find what is known by the locals as \”Black Rocks\” these cliffs range anywhere from 20-35 feet high. Black Rocks are best known for cliff jumping, where you plunge into the freezing depths of Lake Superior. Once you take the plunge into the waters of Lake Superior the only way to get back up to the rocks is to either free climb the cliffs from the water or to swim to a nearby beach. You don\’t need to jump off of Black Rocks to get the most out of the area, just wander around and take in all the natural beauty. 

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