5 Time Management Tips for Online Real Estate Education Courses

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Pandemic have you down? Maybe you\’ve lost your job, or your spouse lost theirs, maybe you are looking for something to keep your mind off things or just make a little extra cash. Now is the perfect time to start a side hustle. Houses will always be bought and sold, maybe now is your chance to look into a real estate education course. 
Whether your goal is to become a licensed realtor, have a side hustle, or pursue a passion there are many ways you can take a real estate education course online. Many of us decide to set goals for ourselves, and many times we do not achieve these goals because we become overwhelmed. If you\’re looking to pursue a passion, don\’t let anything stand in your way. Sure there are only 24 hours in a day, but with a little time management, you can achieve what you want to.

When it comes to online learning, time management can be a challenge. Especially if you are likely to procrastinate, you\’re taking the courses while working a full-time job and or taking care of a family. With a busy life, how can you find time to complete your real estate licensing courses while sticking to your other commitment?

Today I am sharing 9 time management tops that will help you stay on track and get through your real estate education course.

1. Work on the courses a couple hours a day
Block out time every single day to work on your real estate education courses. If you want to make real estate be your full-time career goal try to do at least 3 hours a night. If it\’s just something for fun, maybe go for an hour each night.
Pro Tip: Complete a section during your lunch hour, or after the kids go to bed. 

2. Make a course study outline
When you first begin the course, print off the chapter and section list. Write times during the week that you can work on each section or chapter – this will help hold you accountable and make sure you\’re getting through the course in a timely fashion.
Pro Tip: Look ahead in the calendar to see what weeks you\’ll be busier (holidays, vacations, events..etc) and rework your schedule to ensure you\’re staying on track.

3. Put your cellphone away
Eliminate what distracts you so you can get the work done that is needed. Having your cellphone out will have you hop on Instagram or Facebook without even thinking.

4. Find a buddy
Online learning can be difficult sometimes, especially if it\’s your first time. \”Meet\” fellow students in online real estate education courses that you can bounce questions off of or to help keep you accountable. Just like working out, things are typically easier when you have a buddy.

5. Ask for help
Whether you don\’t understand a concept, feel lost or you\’re simply just struggling – email your instructor! That is what they are there for, to help you. As much as you want to pass they want you to pass. They don\’t say teamwork makes the dream work for no reason.

Not sure where to start when it comes to a real estate education course? No problem! Companies like AstroFlipping are available to help you achieve the goals you\’ve set for yourself and help you get that real estate license in no time.

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