Restaurant Review: Le Detroit Macaron

I was introduced to macarons in seventh-grade during French class. Before the semester ended she asked each of us to bring in a French-inspired dish, dessert or drink to share with the class. We each signed up ahead of time so no one would bring the same treat. My mum helped me whip up a batch of homemade ladyfingers, while my teacher brought in macarons. I remember the “cookie” being light and airy and harbored a rich ganache filling that was set between two crisp yet slightly soft, sweet meringue shells. From that moment on, no matter where I am if there are macarons to be tried. I try them. 
I remember going to a French pastry shop filled with the most gorgeous confections in New Orleans. I ordered a 12-pack of macarons in a variety of flavors and I remember the girl behind the counter saying “lovely selections, always remember a slacker boyfriend gives you a cupcake, but your lover will give you macarons.” Her saying that right there has always stuck with me, macarons are a delicate dance. The demand for surgical precision in the mixing and sifting of ground almonds and superfine super, while you beat the egg ones (that has been left out of the refrigerator a few days to “age”. After you pipe the batter out, you are to bang the cookie sheet on the counter to eliminate bubbles. A change in humidity and all is lost. 
Note that we are talking about the Parisian macaron, two airy almond meringue cookies pressed around a creamy filling – not those shredded coconut things that go by “macaroon”. 
I have tried macarons from numerous places around Michigan (and many other states as well, but since I live in Michigan that’s the state we are talking about right now). Most of the macarons I have tried have been a huge disappointment. In fact, I recently went to a place that is “known” for their French pastries, and was absolutely disgusted – I couldn’t even keep the macaron in my mouth. It was lumpy, gritty and broke apart and made a huge mess. With that being said, there is one place in the Metro Detroit area that has made my macaron heart so happy. 
Le Detroit Macaron isn’t like your typical bakery. Le Detroit Macaron ONLY serves up macarons. Le Detroit Macaron located in Hamtramck just outside of Detroit uses the traditional French method of macaron making, resulting in a firm outer shell, with soft insides making the bite and overall macaron eating experience a delight. Owner Isabelle is such a sweetheart and is definitely innovative when it comes to the macaron fillings. In the signature collection, you will find anything from hazelnut to fruity pebbles. Le Detroit Macaron also offers monthly specials as well as special ones for holidays. For Easter Le Detroit Macaron had a carrot cake macaron that was out of this world. 
When I go to Le Detroit Macaron, I always make a point to try out a couple of the special macaron offerings, while also getting my signature favorites: lemon zest, almond, and fruity pebbles. 
Whether you live in Michigan or you’re just passing through, I highly recommend stopping at Le Detroit Macaron. Trust me, you will not be disappointed at all. 

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