Review: Jesus Christ Superstar

Andrew Lloyd Webber and Tim Rice\’s iconic musical, Jesus Christ Superstar is currently on tour and is making an appearance at the Detroit Opera House in the heart of Detroit, Michigan now through February 9th, 2020. I had the privilege of seeing Jesus Christ Superstar on Tuesday and was absolutely blown away.

Jesus Christ Superstar begins with members of a cast running up the aisles and hopping on the stage, where the show then immerses the audience in what makes them feel like they are right in the middle of a rock concert. The lights, choreography, costumes, and use of hand-held microphones all play a huge part in the \”concert experience.\” The energy of Jesus Christ Superstar is absolutely intoxicating. While it maybe 50 years since Jesus Christ Superstar\’s first performance the musical still feels edgy, modern and relevant.

What\’s the buzz? Tell me what\’s a-happening in Jesus Christ Superstar
Aaron LaVigne, who plays Jesus in Jesus Christ Superstar is a Ryan Gosling-tyle rocker with a man bun (swoon). LaVigne\’s vocals were out of this world, and at times I genuinely felt like I was at a Christian rock concert which was amazing.

James Delisco Beeks, who plays Judas has vocals that rival Luther Vandross, and leaves you wanting more whenever he completes a song. His energy on the stage is absolutely infectious.

The orchestra left me speechless, they were absolutely pointless. What I loved most was that during Jesus Christ Superstar the orchestra is not confined to the orchestra pit, they are actually apart of the show. You will find the Jesus Christ Superstar orchestra on the second level of the set, and it spans across the entire stage.

The singing of the cast was crisp, clear and easy to understand. The lung capacity of the singers is one that I have never experienced before.

Jesus Christ Superstar is told largely from Judas\’s point-of-view, and the story of the musical closely follows biblical accounts of Christ\’s arrest and crucifixion in Jerusalem. The musical brings a nontraditional spin to Christ\’s last days, as Jesus is portrayed as more of a cultural phenomenon than a divine figure. When Jesus is lashed, bursts of glitter are sprayed, sticking with the rockstar theme – which I loved.

Jesus Christ Superstar is now on my list of shows that I would love to see again. This cutting edge performance will leave you wanting more. While Jesus Christ Superstar tells the story of Jesus, this is the type of show for everyone. You do not need to have a religious background or even be religious to see it. The feeling of being in a rock concert, when actually you\’re at the gorgeous Detroit Opera House is unique and different. Some of the members of the orchestra even leave their area to come downstairs and rock it out with the cast of Jesus Christ Superstar. If you\’re on the fence about seeing the show, I highly recommend that you grab tickets and go. It is absolutely amazing and will leave you speechless.

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