29 Things to Do in February

Did anyone else feel like January flew by, or is that just me? I saw a lot of people posting about being five months into the year and it’s only January, however, for me, that wasn’t the case. January was here and gone with a blink of the eye. February has arrived, which means Valentine’s season is upon – hello all things pink. To help you make the most of this extra-long February (it’s a leap year so there are 29 instead of 28 days) I will be sharing with you 29 things to do in February.

1. Eat ice cream for breakfast! My favorite is Hudsonville.

2. It’s Superbowl Sunday! Whether you’re cheering for the 49ers or the Chief or just there for the commercials, make sure the snacks are always flowing. This year I will be attending a SOUPERbowl party, where everyone will be bringing a soup to share.

3. In Michigan we lack sun all winter long, if you’re feeling the winter blues like I am, brighten up your office space, bedroom and elsewhere with fresh flowers or a house plant.

4. If you haven’t already, create a vision board! Seriously, put what you want to accomplish this year right in front of you. Not only will this keep you focused, but it will also help to hold you accountable.

5. It’s world Nutella day, make a treat with Nutella or enjoy apples and pretzels with Nutella.

6. Give your hair a touch of pink without the damage with oVertone! Stay tuned, I’ll be putting rose gold in my hair!

7. It’s the month of love, which makes it the perfect opportunity to start a romance novel.

8. Book a ski or snowboard trip somewhere! If you don’t know how, head to the slopes and take a class.

9. You’ve stolen a pizza my heart! Celebrate national pizza day by ordering from your favorite place or building your own pizza at home.

10. Get ready for Valentine’s day and get yourself a novelty manicure or pedicure. I am thinking pink nails with heart accents. Who am I kidding, I am always thinking pink nails with heart accents.

11. Get outside and enjoy nature. Head to a local trail and take a hike.

12. Make a delicious Valentine’s Day treat. This year I am thinking heart-shaped sugar cookies.

13. Start spring cleaning early by going through your closet and donating gently used items.

14. Happy Valentine’s Day! Valentine’s Day is all about romance, this year do something nice for yourself. Schedule that massage, get a pedicure, grab yourself some chocolate covered strawberries, book a trip somewhere!

15. Get together with your besties and celebrate Galentine’s Day. Think about going to brunch, taking a baking class together or going on a hike.

16. Check out a new place for brunch.

17. Celebrate the Random Act of Kindness Day today! Find a way to brighten someone’s day, maybe write someone a simple note and tell them how much you appreciate them, get someone a small gift, or pay for the person’s coffee in line behind you. No matter what it is, big or small it is sure to make a difference to someone.

18.  I know that wintertime makes it hard to travel, as well as the fact that money could be tight for travel. I also know that seasonal depression is a real thing, so why not book a local hotel and enjoy their pool, have a movie marathon in the room, order room service and just enjoy time out of the house.

19. Cuddle up (i’ll be cuddling up with Jack), and watch a movie on Netflix, while enjoying some popcorn (hello Grand Rapids Popcorn Company).

20. February is cold, heat things up in the kitchen by trying out a new spice or recipe.

21. Don’t forget to order or make your King Cake for Mardi Gras!

22. Host a Mardi Gras party! I went to New Orleans around Mardi Gras years ago and I cannot wait to host a party this year, and finally put my mascarade mask to good use!

23. Visit a local museum or art gallery.

24. Turn off your phone early and just enjoy “me time.”

25. Happy Mardi Gras! Michiganders grab those paczkis!

26. Schedule to get your taxes done.

27. Give a different food a try – I recently tried Thai food and I am obsessed!

28. It’s National Floral Design Day. Grab some flowers and arrange a beautiful bouquet for yourself.

29. It’s rare that we are given extra time. Take a leap and make the most of this extra day by doing something you’ve wanted to do, but have been too busy to do.

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