The Best Rom-Coms for Valentine\’s Day

Valentine\’s Day is right around the corner. Whether you\’re single, taken or hanging out with gal-pals and celebrating Galentine\’s Day I have the ultimate rom-com movie list for you. Cheesy romantic comedies or Kleenex-worthy tear-jerkers are the best way to get into the love or hate the spirit of February 14. Here\’s a peek at all the romance-filled films you\’ll want to grab popcorn and watch this Valentine\’s Day. Speaking of popcorn – Grand Rapids Popcorn Company has the cutest Valentine\’s filled box that will make the perfect addition to your evening of movie watching. Make your Valentine\’s Day or someone else\’s really POP this year with the Grand Rapids Popcorn Company Valentine\’s Gift Box!

Grand Rapids Popcorn Company Valentine\’s Gift Box Features: 

A tub of vanilla, strawberry, cherry, and watermelon flavored popcorn that has been smothered in white chocolate – yum!

A 16-ounce bag of Sweetheart Swirl popcorn
A 3-ounce bag of White Salted popcorn

An 8-ounce bag of Butter Toffee Caramel Corn

Two 4 ounce bags of Cinnamon Nuts (I am obsessed with these)

Pro Tip: Grab your Grand Rapids Popcorn Company Valentine\’s Gift Box 

The Best Rom-Coms for Valentine\’s Day
Sweet Home Alabama (all-time favorite movie)
Falling Inn Love (on Netflix and super adorable)

Bridget Jones\’s Diary (a Valentine\’s Day classic)

Leap Year (perfect to watch since it\’s actually a leap year)
Beauty and the Beast (the live-action one is amazing)

Love Actually (classic)

The Notebook (I mean, how can you not watch this movie?)

How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days (second all-time favorite movie)

Dirty Dancing (because nobody puts baby in the corner)
Casablanca (need I say more?)

Grease (it\’s electrifying)

He\’s Just Not That Into You (you know… I had to)

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