Waze Adds Snow Warning Feature

Do you have a favorite navigation app? I am personally a big fan of the crowd-sourced navigation app Waze. Waze has definitely upped its game in 2019. First, it brought the voice of Sesame Street’s Cookie Monster to its turn-by-turn direction service. Now, Waze is adding one of the most important features that it could, and just in time. Mother nature is gearing up for t throw some wicked weather across the United States and this year Waze has your bak. Waze now allows you to report icy road conditions as well as unplowed roads. This new function will help keep drivers safe and informed. I admit, as someone who lives in Michigan and deals with awful winters, I am thrilled that you can now report unplowed roads and icy road conditions right on the Waze app.

The new feature is included in the updated version of the Waze app, so make sure you’re up to date. When using Waze, you will now see a snowflake on your display with an “unplowed road” written beside it, which will indicate poor driving conditions. Furthermore, as a driver, if you come in counter with an unplowed road that has not been reported, you can also report this hazardous condition for others to see.

Hit the roads safely this winter with the Waze app.

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