Detroit\’s 93rd America\’s Thanksgiving Parade

I\’ve always loved Thanksgiving, really I love fall in general. To me, it signifies a shift, the days become shorter and friends and family are constantly around. Not to mention I have the time to think about all the things I am grateful for. This year came with many changes, including the recent loss of Papa – who brought fun into the family. This is the first Thanksgiving with both my grandparents being gone, and it hit me really hard. My Thanksgiving day plan was to stay at home (and sulk in self-pity – not really but probably), but my friend Betsy had something else in mind for me. She invited me to attend America\’s Thanksgiving Parade in Detroit.

For the past few years, Betsy and her family have been heading down to Detroit to watch America\’s Thanksgiving Parade. While I have watched the parade many times on television, and have seen a few floats and balloons when I would run past them during Detroit\’s Turkey Trot – I have never physically been to the parade. I met Betsy at her family\’s home bright and early this morning to head down to Detroit. First, we grabbed breakfast at Hudson Cafe in downtown Detroit along Woodward Avenue. I ordered the Strawberry Shortcake French Toast and let me tell you it was incredible. After breakfast, we walked along Woodward Avenue to find the perfect spot to watch America\’s Thanksgiving Parade.

For the ninety-third year, Santa Claus returned to downtown Detroit during America\’s Thanksgiving Parade. It wasn\’t just kids from one to ninety-two who got to sit curbside along Woodward Avenue that got to see him – America\’s Thanksgiving Parade presented by Art Van is shared with over 185 television markets nationwide.

If you have never been to America\’s Thanksgiving Parade I highly recommend going. It is so much fun, and really seeing the balloons up close is really something I cannot even begin to explain. What is your Thanksgiving tradition?

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