Restaurant Review: Donckers – Moose Pancakes

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Looking for a great place to grab breakfast in Marquette, Michigan? Why not give Donckers a try? At Donckers you will not only find their signatures caramels and chocolates, including the Signature Sea Salt Carmel that has been hand-dipped in dark or milk chocolate, but you will also find a restaurant. That’s right, Donckers is more than just a candy shop it’s a restaurant too. Located in the heart of downtown Marquette Donckers is serving up candy, ice cream, breakfast and lunch/dinner. One of the coolest things Donckers offers can be found on the kid’s menu and is called the Micky Moose Pancakes. The Micky Moose Pancakes at Donckers use a from-scratch recipe and are made to look like a moose. Seriously cutest pancakes ever! They might even be too cute to eat.

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