Restaurant Review: The Yummi Bunni

Have you heard of The Yummi Bunni before? If not, don’t worry I have the inside scoop! The Yummi Bunni has easily become a favorite sweet spot in Fort Wayne, Indiana. Imagine, a freshly made chunky, deep-fried doughnut. Slice that doughnut in half. Put ice cream in between the slices and add your favorite topping – and this my friends is the Yummi Bun. Served in a handheld wrapper to make it easy to walk around the city streets while you indulge in the sugary goodness. The Yummi Bunni is located at 123 Main Street and is right next to Fort Wayne’s very own Famous Coney Island. Grab your all-American hot dog and pop and then head next door for your Yummi Bun. Besides serving up ice cream in its speciality “bun”, you can get a scoop in a cup. The Yummi Bunni features 16 flavors that rotate seasonally, and has a wide variety of toppings for you to select from including Captain Crunch, Fruity Pebbles, sprinkles and more. During my first Yummi Bun experience I decided to go with the Bun of the Week: S’mores. This bun featured fireside graham ice cream and s’more toppings – it definitely had me craving a fire by the lake. While The Yummi Bunni will definitely put you into a sugary coma, it’s definitely one stop in Fort Wayne you won’t want to miss out on.

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