Spartan Workout Tour – Michigan

Yesterday, the Spartan Workout Tour came to LifeTime Rochester – and my workout BFF Betsy and I attended it. The event was led by SGX-certified coach Beverly Moore. The event focused on training both body and mind, and coach Beverly educated us all so that we would be able to retain the skills and movements learned and take them home to continue personal success. There are five fundamental exercises a Spartan can do to prepare for their race – pushups, pull-ups, squats, lunges and of course burpees. Since this was a bodyweight only workout we didn\’t do any pull-ups, however, you can head to a playground to work on them. The 90-minute workout itself incorporated variations of these movements to create a challenging strength and cardio workout. We did bear crawls, crab crawls, jump squats, push-ups, lunges, jumping jacks and more. Aside from the physical benefits, the workout also provided an opportunity to make new friends and connect with the Spartan community. The crowd was a mix of seasoned racers and those (like myself) who have not run a Spartan race yet. Overall the Spartan Workout Tour provided a challenging workout for participants of all fitness levels.

Note: Make sure you are amazing at burpees because you\’ll be doing a bunch at the Spartan Race! Spartan Race is an obstacle course racing series that takes competition VERY seriously. Racers crawl through mud, jump over fire, and sneak their way under barbed wire. If you fail an obstacle, you will need to complete 30 burpees before moving on! 

Have you ever participated in a Spartan Race before?

 [c/o Beverly Moore on Facebook]
  [c/o Beverly Moore on Facebook]

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