How To Be Productive Working From Home

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We live in a digital age, where more and more people are being granted the luxury of a flexible work schedule, which includes working from home. If you’re like me you dream of having a life where you can roll out of bed and get to work without sitting in traffic. While working from home may seem like a dream, it’s a sure way to get distracted, procrastinate and justify things you wouldn’t ever do if you were in the office every day. Whether you are new to working from home or have been doing so for years, you may be looking for ways to be more productive, and that’s why I am here. I might not be lucky enough to have one of those at home jobs, but I do have tips on how you can make your at home work environment more productive.

1. Set your alarm and don’t press snooze

This may sound basic, but it is the most important and effective way to get you going. Working from home means flexibility, creating your own schedule, starting and stopping work when you want, oh and the luxury of waking up when you want. Setting your alarm forces you to get up and get your day going. The sooner you start, the sooner you finish.

2. Don’t check your Emails in bed

When your alarm goes off, don’t spend half an hour scrolling through your inbox before getting out of bed. Save it for when you get to your desk. While it may seem like you’re getting ahead, you’re really just unwilling to leave your bed. Those emails will still be there when you get to your desk. If you’re worried about not answering them in a timely manner – maybe you should have woke up sooner!

3. Get dressed

Get prepared for the day as if you’re going to an office job. You’re only as productive as you feel, and if you’re working in your PJs you’re bound to make your way back to your bed for an afternoon nap. Seriously though, don’t work in your pajamas.

4. Create a to-do list

Having a to-do list that outlines what and when you need to accomplish things will help you stay focused and on task. 

5. Create a designated work space

Nope, the couch is not somewhere you should be working, while it’s comfortable it’s not where you should be doing your work. Instead, you should create a designated workspace, this will not only increase your productivity but give you a place to go and work without distractions.

6. Time is money

Find an app that will allow you to keep track of how much time you’re spending working and how much of that time is being used per project. Time tracking lets you see how productive you’ve been and can help you stay focused on your tasks. 

7. Avoid social media

Hello, little time sucker! We mindlessly scroll through Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and more daily – this is just a distraction. If you don’t feel like you can remove yourself from social media during a 9 to 5 work day, then block some social media time in your day. Once that 10-15 minutes end that’s it social media goes away and you get back to business.

8. Change of scenery

Working from home sounds like a dream come true, and really I’m sure it is – I am jealous of all of those people who get to. However, you are literally working from your home and spending countless hours there. Be sure to leave your home once in awhile to change things up. Maybe today you’ll work from a coffee shop or Panera Bread instead of sitting in your office.

How do you stay productive working from home?

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