Spring 2019 Beauty Trends

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Temperatures are on the rise here in Michigan… I actually think spring might be here (watch it\’ll snow tomorrow), earlier than it typically is. With that being said I thought now would be the perfect opportunity to have a beauty conversation before sunnier days arrive. 

When you think of spring makeup, dewy glowing skin, pretty pastels, and bronzed cheeks are probably the first things that come to mind. I know that’s what I think of. During the spring 2019 runway shows you could find all those classic spring-time essentials, plus pops of electric pink lips, golden glitter, and metallic foiled lips.

If you have been following my Instagram stories lately you’ve noticed I am obsessed with this edgy meets girly-girl trend, that popped up onto the runways for spring. I have been pairing dewy skin with plenty of bronzer and a pop of pink lips. My outfit has been a gorgeous girly tank top paired with a black faux leather jacket for that edgy meets girly-girl vibe. I am dying to try the classic cat eye look but with a pastel pink for a springtime chic, to complete my spring look. It’s kind of a Barbie meets Good Charlotte punk rock look, which I love.

Also, hot off the runway is red lips and a pop of red blush with minimal eye makeup. I’ll be honest with you, I hate wearing eye makeup. Mascara, of course, I love it – the longer I can make my lashes the better. Eye shadow is a different story for me, I can’t stand it. Maybe it’s the fact that saggy eyelids run in my family and I don’t want mine to be like that so I avoid adding heavy elements to them, or the fact I don’t know how to make it look good. Whatever the case may be I was so excited to see the pop of red with minimal makeup trend on the move for spring. I am not a red fan, I am a pink fan though. This spring I will definitely be wearing a bronze pink on my cheeks for a pop of color paired with the prettiest pink lips.

Gold glitter was seen foiled on lips, making a statement on eyelids and taking over nails for an extra touch of glam. Typically gold only finds its way into most beauty trends during the holidays and as someone who loves gold, you can imagine my excitement about this hue making a spring impact.

One of the biggest beauty trends for spring is just doing what you love and makes you happy. With inspirational quotes and fun pictures, Nancy at Behrman really makes sure that you are focused on your own self and not what everyone else is doing. You can incorporate the beauty trends popular at the moment into your own life without having to compromise your own style.

From bright pops of color to natural dewy looks spring is on your side this year when it comes to beauty trends. What is your favorite spring beauty trend? I am loving the minimal makeup!

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