2019 Metro Detroit Christmas To-Do List

The holiday season is a little tougher on me this year, you see last year Meeme (my grandma I was ridiculously close to) unexpectedly passed away on Christmas day. Recently, when I have walked into certain stores I have randomly started to cry – as things remind me of her. I am doing my best to make the most of the season, and have made a list of things that I would like to do around the Metro Detroit area. This year I am keeping it small and simple, as I don\’t want to get completely overwhelmed. What\’s on your Christmas to-do list.
Check out the lights:
Sherman Woods, Port Huron
Lake Shore Drive – Grosse Point Shores
Big Bright Lightshow – Rochester

Take a step back in time with Holiday Nights at Greenfield Village

Visit the Edsel and Eleanor For House

Head to Downtown Detroit
Go ice skating at Campus Martius
Shop the Holiday Market
Go for a horse drawn carriage ride

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