Christopher Robin Tea Party


Have you ever attended a tea party before? This weekend I had my first tea party experience and I am completely hooked. Aside from being an amazing blogger, my friend Becky is also an urban beekeeper, and Disney asked her to host a tea party in honor of the Bluray release of the movie Christopher Robin. The tea party was held at Tonia’s Victorian Rose Tea Room in the heart of downtown Rochester, and presented the cutest location for the event. Each table was adorn with mismatched tea cups and teapots, earl grey cookies to look like Winnie the Pooh characters as well as sugar cookie balloons. The teas at the table were earl grey and passion peach (my favorite). Becky spoke about beekeeping, which I found to be absolutely fascinating. So what do you have with tea? Sweet and savory items of course! We had ham and cheddar (cut out like a rabbit – so cute!) as well as cucumber tea sandwiches and spinach quiche. For the sweets there was an English scone shaped like a honey pot, dark chocolate raspberry torte, lemon curd tart and fresh fruit. All-in-all I had an absolutely amazing time at my very first tea party.

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