Nutcracker Mouse King


On Friday, Disney released The Nutcracker and the Four Realms – as someone who loves the Nutcracker I was beyond excited for this release, and couldn’t help but make something in honor of the Nutcracker’s main antagonist the Mouse King. These little Mouse King cheesey crackers are ridiculously easy to make, and look absolutely adorable.

Round crackers
Babybel cheese wedges (any white flavor)
Cheddar cheese
Red bell pepper
Almond slices
Chives or green onion

1. Open cheese and place it on a cracker.

 2. Add two almonds for the ears.

 3. Add the cheddar cheese crown.

4. Add the peppercorn eyes.
5. Add the red bell pepper nose.

 6. Insert the green onion whiskers.

Seriously how cute are these?

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