Zoya Holiday 2018: Jubilee

When it comes to nail polish my favorite time of the year is when fall and holiday polishes are released. Zoya just released their 2018 holiday collection Jubilee that consist of 12 new polishes included 2 new PixieDusts and a special effect leopard topper. 

  Leigh is a warm peachy neutral.

  Carson is a muted neutral pink cream.

  Taryn is a fuchsia micro-iridescent shimmer with a touch of purple and blue undertone.

  Maxine is red cream and is the perfect pop of color for Christmas.

  Allison is a ruby cream.

  Now let’s talk about the Leopard Spots Topper. This polish is reminiscent of the crackle polish, but way cooler. It’s meant to go onto texture polish, which means you can use it on PixieDust. I cannot get enough of this topper and how much fun it is, definitely going to be my fall go-to as I cannot wait for the holidays to arrive.
  Cookie is a gorgeous purple PixieDust with gold flecks.
Danica is a rich teal cream that will pair nicely with Juniper.
Kateri is a dark chocolate cream.

Thoughts on this collection: I really like the variety of colors and that it will transition perfectly from fall into the holidays. Of course you know I favor the darks, and usually hate the glitters and PixieDust – but not this time! I am in love with all the PixieDust shades – keep an eye on my Instagram to see which polishes I am wearing, and how I am pairing them with each other.


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