Chasing Shooting Stars

This weekend was the Perseids Meteor Shower, I kept tagging my boyfriend in notes about it on Facebook saying we should go check them out. He’s currently working on his Masters (#Goals), and has been incredibly busy trying to get his final exam finished. However, with everything going on he made it a point for us to drive out of the city and into the country to see the shooting stars. Neither of us thought this whole going to chase shooting stars thing through, as we packed NOTHING that would make this trip easier. Even though we were winging it, the trip turned out to be amazing. We did it Sunday night and stayed out until about 11:30 since both of us would have to work in the morning. That night was more than I could ask for; we saw some perfect shooting stars, including ones that left a trail in the sky. It was so nice to experience that with him especially since around this time last year we were Chasing the Northern Lights together. I love that he is willing and even likes doing these things with me, I couldn’t ask for a more amazing guy in my life. I can’t wait for our next moonlight adventure; hopefully it’ll involve a bonfire on the beach.

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