Crazy Sexy Confident: Positive Affirmations

I recently launched a Crazy Sexy Confident challenge; if you missed it you can check it out here. For myself personally, I discovered that positive affirmation is incredibly important to me. However, if I wanted others to say positive things to me – I needed to start saying them to myself. You see, this is a huge struggle for me. I grew up being extremely overweight; when I went to college I dropped a ton of weight and have all the stretch marks and battle scars of my past visible all over my body. From elementary to high school I was bullied, and came home every single day (not even kidding) went in my bedroom and cried until eventually I would fall asleep. College changed all that, and no one has bullied me since I left high school behind… except for myself. That’s right, I am my own worst enemy and talk horribly about myself. You’re fat, ugly, stupid, not good enough, etc are all things I taunted myself with on a daily basis. This was something that was incredibly important for me to overcome if I ever wanted to have the relationship that I have always wanted. I started to work really hard on being positive and encouraging with myself. The difference it has made is incredible. I wanted to share with you some of the positive affirmations you will find on my mirror and desk, maybe this will help you become crazy sexy confident and start loving yourself the way you should. Let me know what you have on your mirror.

You’re beautiful.
You are what someone looks forward to.
I am not my mistakes.
You’re talented.
I believe in you.
Faith over fear.
You’re sweet.
I am strong.
I deserve love.
I am enough.
What I give is what I receive.
You’re are stronger than the girl that walks away.

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