9 Consulting Tips that\’ll Rock your World

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Consulting is defined as the business of giving expert advice to people working in a professional or technical field. If you are thinking about your starting a consulting business, or hiring a consultant read further as we dive into why. So why would a company hire a consultant? One of the main reasons is so they can get an outside eye on their company. You know how you go to your friends or family for advice sometimes? Companies need to do the same thing, especially when they’re facing tough decisions. Brands turn to consultants to figure out the problems they cannot figure out on their own, or want a second opinion with. Consultants tend to work with many different companies, and more than likely have already gone through the problem your company is facing, therefore they know what worked for someone else and can tweak it to work for you. Some companies have skeleton crews, so when it comes to really important decisions the reality of it is they might not have the manpower to focus on the topic at hand and still have their employees operate their everyday jobs. Consultants are a great way to add temporary help to figure out and solve a problem, they have specialized skills that the companies regular employees may not have. They’re an outside sources that dig into the root of what is going on and problem solve. Have you really ever thought about starting a consulting business? Here are 9 consulting tips that’ll rock your world and get you started:
1. Put in the hours. Through trial and error you’ll learn where you excel, as well as where your issue areas are. Document things; make inspiration boards, read what others are doing. Impressive results will make others flock to you.
2. Showcase yourself as being an expert. Even if you are not an expert, fake it until you make it. You won’t get clients if you just sit back and wait for it to happen. You have to chase it.
3. Prove it to yourself and everyone else that you can do this when you get your first client. No one is going to want to work with you if they don’t know what you’re offering – as a matter of fact no one can hire you if they have no clue what you do. So figure out what your services will be, and let your friends and family know, your social circle etc. Someone will bite and you’ll land your first clients.
4. Getting clients. This is the tricky part, but look to friends, family and your social circle. Once you get one person they can give rave review about you that’ll be passed on, and eventually you’ll have a whole pile of clients waiting to work with you and get your expert help.
5. Brand yourself. Have a professional logo designed so people know who you are.
6. Get a website and social channels. Be social, get your name out there.
7. Show stats and how you have helped others, make charts and have hard facts to back up what you’re saying.
8. Be open to change. You may need to be diverse in what you offer, so be willing to make that change.
9. Use social media. Promote yourself, run ads, run campaigns, plaster your name all over the internet.

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