ConfidenceKini Day 1

This weekend the sun finally came out, and I definitely was not tanned or skinny enough to cope with the sudden appearance of sunshine. Plenty of brands and gyms are getting ready to release their “get ready for summer workout plans”. Usually I do the Tone It Up Bikini Series (which starts May 7 and lasts 8 weeks), however this year I’m giving Lauren Gleisberg’s ConfidenceKini a try. ConfidenceKini is only 5 weeks long – which makes it easier to follow, the food is REAL food you’ll want to eat and the workouts are challenging but do not last for hours. Oh yeah and there is a killer ab workout as well. The challenge officially started yesterday, so I thought I would post my accountability here. For the next five weeks on Tuesday’s I will give a recap of my previous week, however follow along at Petitefitnessista on Instagram to stay up to date with how the challenge is going for me, what I am eating everyday and if I am keeping up with workouts. Are you doing any fitness challenges?

P.S. before and after photos will be revealed at the end of the 5 weeks!

2 Comments on “ConfidenceKini Day 1

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