Highlights of 2017

Just like that it’s February, and I just realized that I never talked about 2017 – ooops! So let’s get to talking, for me personally 2017 ended on a terrible note, which is why I keep saying over and over what an awful year 2017 was. In reality it had its fair share of bumps but was actually a good year as a whole. Instead of dwelling on the negatives – for instance my bff and I drifting apart and losing my grandma (who I am insanely close to) on Christmas day, I want to highlight some of my favorite moments. These positive moments made for a fabulous year, and I cherish the memories that were created throughout 2017. Without further ado here are my top 15 moments of 2017:

• Went to Chicago with Cookie and her family – got the hookup with some amazing views and a super fun night out

• Bought a bike – and put on some serious mileage

• Visited Ludington multiple times, and explored with Cookie

• Met a bunch of TIU girls in the woods

• Walked 60 miles in 3 days in support of Susan G Komen 3 Day, and met two amazing ladies that became my “ 3-Day Besties”

• Went boating on Lake St Clair for the first time

• Headed to Chicago for the TIU tour with my TIU bestie

• Tried some amazing restaurants, and new (to me) foods

• Went for a ride on the Detroit Princess

• Visited Lake Huron for the first time

• Took my first trip to the “thumb-area”

• Helped put up Christmas lights that I redid three times

• Checked out Greenfield Village Holiday Nights for the first time

• Rode in a fire truck (thank you!)

• Met a great guy, who has flipped my world upside down

Here’s to a great New Year with plenty of new memories and opportunities

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