Restaurant Review: Chartreuse

A couple months ago we checked out Chartreuse before a broadway show, and since we had such a great experience there we decided to eat their again before a show downtown. You can see our first experience here.
I highly recommend making a reservation for Chartreuse as the restaurant tends to be packed as soon as it opens up. This restaurant is designed for you to share the food so of course we ordered a few dishes. When it comes to food we are pretty adventurous. His motto is he will always try things twice, so it brings a unique balance to the table.  We both agreed that we liked the food better this time around, maybe it’s because we were a little bit more adventurous and understood the restaurant a little better this time. Definitely recommend checking out Chartreuse if you haven’t before. 
So what did we eat?
Bread N’ Butter (I forgot to get a picture)
max’s sourdough selection (one was plain and the other had raisin) with herb butter (so good).
Waygu Beef TarTare
avocado, chili mayo, scallion and homemade tortillas
first experience with tartare and I actually really liked it a lot.

  Roasted Carrots
pumpkin, radish, roasted onion, tarragon, yogurt, granola
the carrots were a variety of colors, and this was probably one of my favorite dishes
  Berkshire Pork Tenderloin
rosemary apple, parsnip, maple
really liked this a lot
Key Lime Pot De CrèmeMichigan blueberry, graham cracker, sea salt chocolate bar

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