Five Things


December is filled with plenty of plaid, Hallmark movies, and of course Christmas lights galore.  This past week I have been soaking up all the cliché events, and even managed to get my Christmas cards ordered (I think this is the earliest I have ever ordered them). Hope you have a great weekend and here is what I have been up to.

Saw An American in Paris at the Fisher Theatre in Detroit. The show was absolutely amazing and combines a musical and ballet, which makes it super unique and different.

Cirque Dreams Holidaze always a good show to see at the holidays and than wonder why you’re not that flexible – ha.
Driving around looking at Christmas lights, probably one of my favorite things to do this time of year.
Detroit you look so chic at Christmas time. If you haven’t been I highly recommend checking out ice skating, the Christmas tree, holiday shops and more right in the heart of Detroit.
Daddy’s Home 2 is light hearted and will definitely make you laugh.
Broke out my Kate Spade ornament clutch for holiday adventures.

Forget dropping money to get a professional massage this massager will give you an amazing deep tissue massage, and right now you can use SPERICA for $100 off! 

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