Christmas Tradition: Popcorn

Holiday traditions are my favorite and my family definitely has a few of them.  One of my favorites is getting the tin of cheese, caramel and butter divided popcorn and curling up watching Christmas movies. While the popcorn tradition is still there, I broke the mold a little when I brought Grand Rapids Popcorn into the house for Christmas two years ago – let me tell you no one was disappointed. Grand Rapids Popcorn is so much better than anything you will ever find in one of those cheap Kmart tins, and has more of a flavor variety to select from. With my love for popcorn, you can imagine a popcorn bar is a must-have for me. During the holidays it seems the only fitting place to gather around is the fireplace, so instead of my normal popcorn bar (I usually place popcorn in apothecary jars on the counter), I decided to fill a train with popcorn for guests to enjoy while sitting by a roaring fire. Instead of the traditional butter, caramel and cheddar popcorn I went with red (cherry), green (apple) and white (vanilla – taste like marshmallow and my FAVORITE). I thought it added a whimsical touch to the fireplace. Do you have a holiday popcorn bar in your home? 

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