Just Truckin\’ Along


With the opportunity to try all sorts of different foods in one location, food truck rally’s have easily become a favorite. This weekend Utica hosted their second food truck rally, and it was filled with some local favorites.
Eats included:
The Mean Weenie (hot dogs)
The Nosh Pit (vegetarian)
Crepe Day Twah (crepes) – my FAVORITE
Maconi’s Pizza (NYC style meets Michigan style pizza)
Treat Dreams (Ice Cream)
Hog’s Hollow (local restaurant – not a truck)

Of course I got a crepe from Crepe Day Twah, I decided to go with my favorite ‘Apple Pie’. The apple pie crepe features apples, caramel, cinnamon toast crunch cereal and whipped cream (I said no to the whip).

What’s your favorite food truck in your city?

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