Rix’s Roof Top


Did you know when it comes to dating some people still like there to be a bit of surprise….. yeah, me neither – but apparently that’s still a thing. I asked where we would be going (a girl has to know how to dress), and I was told he wanted to keep it a surprise and that it was a nicer place. I kept my outfit simple and wore a long LBD, and added some loose beach waves to my hair (tutorial coming soon). He arrived to pick me up, opened my door – ladies chivalry is not dead in the Midwest…..I know it’s live and well for you Southerns (super jealous!), but I was pretty convinced it was dead around these parts. So where was this big surprise at? Rix’s Roof Top in Port Huron. Neither of us had tried the restaurant before, and I had never been to Port Huron so definitely a fun surprise. Rix’s Roof Top, which is actually a top floor view not rooftop just an FYI offers a gorgeous view of the Blue Water Bridge to Canada and the surrounding landscape. You know I have a thing for views, and this one did not disappoint.

Since I was being a super indecisive royal pain we started with Calamari, which I never had before and actually really liked. As for our main meals, I ordered the chicken marsala with noodles since the waitress said a lot of people really liked it a lot – definitely tasted good. He ordered the pork loin, also very delicious. All in all pretty impressive place, good food and great view.

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