Favorite Hike Outfit


Into the woods I go to lose my mind and find my soul. I was never much of the nature type. In fact I used to hate being outside, that is until I went away to Northern Michigan University and really discovered myself and that collecting moments actually means more to me than collecting things. Anytime I get the opportunity to go hike, even if it’s a flat trail through the woods I take the opportunity, and I have come to discover that I have a particular outfit that I tend to wear. Let’s start with the pants, since baby got back up in here I love a yoga pant that actually hugs my booty. I discovered that Athleta yoga pants really hug my booty and prevent it from bouncing – which I love especially when running. Now let’s talk tops, lately I have been obsessed with wearing the Crane and Lion Racerback tank pair with the Waffle Crew. The long sleeve helps prevents my arms from getting scratched up when hiking through tougher terrain, and it’s so easy to just take off and walk around with a tank on. Both the tank and crew are super soft and very comfortable. Lasting I am obsessed with BEARPAW Gracie shoes, they take in ZERO sand, which I absolutely loved!

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