Spin to Win: Common Cycling Mistakes

I have been taking spin classes for almost a year now, and have learned, these are just things I have found that help me. They may not work for you, and if you have questions it’s best to talk to an instructor.
1. Resistance is too low or too high
The torque knob (the one closest to your knees) controls the resistance (challenge of the ride). Instructor’s cues are designed to take you on flat roads and climb you up hills, but it’s not all about their cues it’s about your body. If your resistance is at an 8 and your RPM needs to be at 105 but you are hanging around 75 you need to drop your resistance and get to the goal RPM. If the class is in the middle of a climb and you aren’t struggling your resistance is too low.

Drink water before, during and after class. I take my spin classes at CYCLEBAR and they even provide water bottles to ensure that you are staying hydrated.

3. Loosen that grip
For proper positioning, you want your forearm to fit between the bar and the seat, keep your fingers loose and your shoulders down. Check yourself out in the mirror whenever you need to make sure you have proper form.

4. Seat Height
I’ll be honest after MONTHS of cycling I only recently learned that my seat was at the wrong height, and once I changed the height it made a world of a difference. You want to aim to set your seat at “hip height.” You definitely want to sit too low (which is what I was doing). Once you clip in you want to have a slight bend in your legs as you pedal.

One Comment on “Spin to Win: Common Cycling Mistakes

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