I Quit My Gym Membership

When you’re thinking about how to start a workout routine, or change things up getting a gym membership is probably one of the first things that come to mind. However let’s get real for a minute…. you pay a whole lot of money, you’re determined and you either walk in ready to faithfully hit the weights everyday or you feel absolutely overwhelmed and out of place as you watch the “gym bro” grunt, growl and flex in front of the mirror that is where you need to get your weights from (SERIOUSLY MOVE!). You have a busy week, you get discouraged, you don’t feel well and suddenly you find yourself going once or twice a week, which is better than nothing – but not ideal. That’s exactly why I canceled my gym membership, I was wasting so much money and I just wasn’t happy. 

I now workout at home and my BFF (who lives nearly four hours away), and I make it a priority to workout for a morning booty call (any TIU ladies out there?) or in the evening. Plenty of plans are available online and the one we are currently doing is a booty kicker – literally my glutes BURN. I also attend yoga, cycling, kickboxing and barre classes so I am constantly switching up my routine. Oh! I also take my workouts to the park which changes up the environment, and gives endless possibilities. 

While I may not be at my ideal weight, and my body may not look like I want it to I’m working towards a happier and healthier lifestyle, and here is how I’m doing it:

1. I put my goals on the refrigerator. I make this simple and things that I can actually accomplish. Like not eating ice cream at night while watching the Bachelor.
2. Workout buddy! Mine lives 4 hours away but we have FaceTime and speaker phone, and actually motivate each other.
3. Dedicate at least 30 minutes five days a week to working out. I’ll be real it’s more like 1.5 + hours a day.
4. HYDRATE! I drink 64+ ounces of water everyday. I get really dehydrated while working out and rely on ESSENCE PH10 to keep me hydrated and going strong.
5. Preppin’ ain’t easy but it’s 100% worth it – I grocery shop and prep my meals for the week every Sunday.  I sort everything out in my refrigerator, which includes putting sparkling water and bottles of ESSENCE PH10 next to my meals for the day.
6. Vitamins!
7. SLEEP! I need at least eight hours or you will NOT want to deal with m

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