Kalamazoo Candle Company

From the bathroom to the bedroom, living room and kitchen too – I always have candles burning. I absolutely love trying out new (to me brands), and of course I have some trusty favorites – like Bath & Body Works Vanilla Cupcake. One thing I am passionate about is supporting Michigan companies, and recently tried out a couple of candles from the Kalamazoo CandleCompany. These candles are made with soy wax, paper wicks and are dye-free – love that they’re natural! They offer a clean burn and come in two convenient sizes the 6.5 ounce tin with a minimum burn time of 35 hours, and the candle jar which is 10 ounces and has a minimum burn time of 60 hours.
I tried out I’ve Got a Gal and Smitten. I\’ve Got a Gal smells just like Victoria’s Secret Love Spell, so I’m absolutely obsessed with it, and it’s become my new favorite candle to burn in my bedroom. 

Smitten mixes spicy vanilla, sweet florals and bright citrus tones to give you a clean and crisp scent that makes you think of summer in the middle of a Michigan gray winter.

There candles are conveniently sold on their website, and I highly recommend (and so does Jack he LOVES I\’ve Got A Gal) checking them out if you’re looking to add a new candle to your bedroom or coffee table.

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