Michigan Mittens


I remember moving to Pittsburgh and someone asking me where I was from, I said the Detroit-area and pulled out my hand to point – let me tell you they looked at me like I was a crazy person. Since Michigan is shaped like a mitten you learn at a young age to show people where you live by pointing to the convenient map that your hand makes.

Michigan Mittens takes the map concept one step further and has printed the upper and lower peninsula on their mittens, so you can “Always have a MAP on Hand!”. The mittens are great for the little ones and the big ones that you’re buying for this holiday season, or yourself  – we’ve all been there. Michigan Mittens come in a large variety of colors with their new Hunter’s  Plaid being my favorite.  What makes these mittens even better is they’re made in North Carolina and than shipped to Pontiac, Michigan to be printed.

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