Nektar Honey Crystals

I use honey as a substitute for sugar all the time, and recently had the opportunity to try Nektar Honey Crystals. I was skeptical at first – in the summer you can find Michigan street corners containing local honey, and I’m all about farm to table. Nektar Honey Crystals is also NOT pure honey; it’s made up of all-natural cane sugar and honey. While I wouldn’t use it as a baking substitute it’s great if you are traveling or at work, because you’re left without the sticky mess. 
 I have found myself using Nektar for other purposes besides my morning hot honey-lemon water. It’s a great addition to squash and sweet potatoes as well as a perfect rub for barbeque.
I was provided Nektar Honey Crystals via Sweat Pink in exchange for a review. All thoughts are my own.

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