Preppin\’ Ain\’t Easy

Take a healthy approach to November with a Turkey Trot! This year my BFF and I will not only be participating in our first Thanksgiving Turkey Trot, but it’s also our first 10k!

How to Prep For A Turkey Trot
Turkey Trots happen all over, just look and find which one is closed to you and sign up ASAP. We signed up in September to prepare ourselves for it. The one we are doing in Michigan comes with a T-Shirt and a Medal.

Convince friends, family or a significant other to race with you. It’s awesome motivation when you don’t have to run alone!

A little prep never hurt. Running a 5k or 10k add a walk or light jog to your schedule to help you through the race.
The outfit. I don’t know about you but we’ll be throwing something super cute together for our Turkey Trot, check out a sneak peek with the tutu tutorial tomorrow!
Day of…. Eat a light, healthy breakfast. We like a banana to prevent cramping and yogurt or eggs.
We’ll be keeping you updated all month long on how we’re doing with the race and we hope you’ll join us in running a Turkey Trot no matter where you live!

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