Detroit Free Press 5k

Since May my bff and I have made it our goal to run at least one 5k each month. We\’ve done the Color Run, Insane Inflatable and Glow Runs, but this one by far was the hardest. We ran in 33 degree temperatures and had not trained previously for a cold weather run as temps had been holding steady in the 50\’s. As a result our pace wasn\’t what we expected it to be – not to mention my knee absolutely killed me.

What I learned:
Compression socks and sleeves are a must
Get a pair of gloves that cover your hands and can be fingerless
Take a bone health supplement or fish oil to lube my joints
Eat a banana before a run

This was the first race I ran in my Mizuno Wave Inspire 12 – absolutely LOVE these shoes so much!

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