Green Smoothie Goddess

I was always the girl that judged others for their green smoothie addiction. While I love smoothies the thought of adding spinach or kale was just obnoxiously disgusting. A couple weeks ago my aunt made her and I each a green smoothie for dessert. The color of it was less than appealing, but since she\’s never steered me wrong I gave it a try. To my surprise it was a fruity masterpiece of healthy goodness. Seriously, I couldn\’t taste the spinach at all. Since then I have been having a green smoothie daily and below you\’ll find my favorite recipe.

 I recently wanted to add some protein to my smoothies and had the opportunity to try out Manitoba Harvest\’s Hemp Hearts – I think I eat more out of the bag than I add actually add to my smoothie. They\’re one of my new favorite products. Definitely a great fiber and protein addition to any smoothie.

Green Smoothie Goddess
(I do not have exact measurements just add to taste)
handful of fruit (I used a strawberry, pinapple and mango combo)
Hemp seeds
splash of milk
small handful of spinach

1. Blend all ingredients together. Adding more milk as necessary.
2. Enjoy.

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