Fall Romance

Over the weekend a couple girlfriends and I got together. We enjoyed our fair share of romantic comedies and fondu. While we talked we realized that not only were the three of us single but our summer was filled (well some of ours ;)) with one-night stands and fleeting short-term relationships. Fall was coming (it’s now arrived and it’s 80 here in Michigan – makes no sense) and that would present the opportunity for new connections as we curl up together in blankets and spend quality time near a roaring fire. When the weather turns crisp and cooler those of us who didn’t want a summer relationship tend to now crave a fall one, actually a relationship that will carry on further than fall.
Fall allows us to be vulnerable and not only does it set the trees on fire, but it sets our hearts on fire as well. So while I experienced the best summer I have had in a long time, my heart is ready to be vulnerable this fall – what’s your plan for your heart this fall.

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