The Germs Lurking At The Gym

Recently I heard a study about all the yuck that hangs out at the gym – and trust me you don\’t even want to know what you\’re touching. Here are some tips to keep you from catching some nasty stuff…..

Wipe Down the Equipment Before and After Use:
If your gym doesn\’t have wipes keep some in your own bag to use on your skin after your workout.

Use a Towel as a Barrier:
Especially with your yoga mat so your skin never has direct contact.

Don\’t Touch Your Face: Even if you wipe off your equipment there\’s a chance the germs are still lurking. To prevent getting something like a staph infection (yeah that\’s super popular at gyms) definitely avoid contact with your face.

Wash Your Hands Before Leaving The Gym:
To prevent spreading germs on more of your personal surfaces definitely dont skip this!

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