What To Expect At A Color Run

Well… I ran my first color run last weekend! It’s been on my Fitness Bucket List (I`ll post this next week) for a while now and i`m thrilled that I was able to do it in Downtown Detroit with friends.  Thank you to Color Me Rad and Fitfluential for comping my ticket and giving me the opportunity to participate in such a fun race.

The “swag bags” contained a complimentary race shirt, number, safety pins, temporary tattoos and high socks.  We came dressed in white so we would absorb the most amount of color as possible. We even bought color packets to “bomb” each other with before the race so we’d be decked out in color for pictures.

One thing I highly recommend is a pair of check sunglasses – Color Me Rad was selling orange and pink ones for $5 so the three of us bought them and were so thankful we did.

 If you run, walk, use a walker…. Whatever it might be you can totally do a color run! We walked at a faster pace and definitely took our time going through the color bomb stations. We also stopped by the Riverfront to enjoy the scenery and take a ton of pictures (everyone else was doing it as well). The race was all about having fun and taking pictures which I loved!

 After crossing the finish line we were handed, a water bottle, a granola bar, a bag of color and then entered the after party. Where everyone was dancing and more colors were being thrown around. 

Take aways from the race
1) Don’t think you could ever do a 5k? YOU CAN! This is a FUN race there were even people in wheelchairs which was pretty rad!  

2) Wear white and make sure you don’t care if it gets ruined. After washing all my stuff it’s still covered in paint.  

3) Time doesn’t matter! 

4) Bring a drawstring backpack (Thanks Revest Realty!) it was great to carry our “swag”, phone, keys, water and money! 

5) Sunglasses are great for blocking the sun and fantastic for keeping the color out of your eyes! 

6) Towels to keep the paint off your seats.

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