Monthly Beauty Finds: April

I tried a variety of new products in April and these were the three superstars that stood out the most.

VioLife Slim Uno Portable Manicure Kit. How annoying is it to break a nail? This portable manicure kit is definitely a life saver. It’s great for travel or work and is currently residing in my purse.

Pure Ice. Summer is all about the pedicures and recently I discovered Pure Ice polish. It’s a cheaper alternative to high end brand and still rivals the quality of leading brands.

José Eber QuickShine Infrared Blow Dryer. With what a busy schedule I have I definitely do not have the time I used to in order to blow-dry my hair. That’s why I love with blow dryer. It reduces your dry time by 50% and emits a cooler heat – I even dry Jack with this!

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