Review: Manda Bees Headbands

Like Blair Waldorf I love headbands – especially for working out. Although there are plenty of headbands on the market I find that they’re too loose, too tight, uncomfortable and or just pop off. So what happens when you can’t find what you want? You check out Etsy….
That’s where I discovered Manda Bees headbands
Manda Bees shop states: “The BEST yoga headband ever. Guaranteed! Our patent-pending Flawless headband guarantees NO SLIP, NO HEADACHES, + NO ROLLED EDGES.”

That’s A LOT for an Etsy shop to claim however she isn’t joking around. For the first time I made it through an entire HIIT class without having to readjust my headband numerous times. When it came to running, yoga and pilates same thing NEVER had to adjust my headband which was amazing that even during the toughest workouts it didn’t move. 

  Get to know The Flawless
• Single layer, seamless with a raw edge that doesn’t roll up when over stretched.
• 3.5” wide at the front and tapered in the back.
• Soft 4-way stretch shiny spandex blended fabric that wicks away moisture.
• Pulls sweat from your head, allowing it to evaporate, so it wont soak up sweat and become hot, heavy or stretched out.
• 18” around, but stretches to over 26” – if it doesn’t fit you they’ll resize for free!
• Designed to be worn over top of your hairline – half on your forehead, half on your hair.
• Wash/Dryer safe.

 I HIGHLY recommend checking out her shop if you\’re looking for a workout headband. I love these headbands so much I just bought the Kaleidoscope Collection featuring 13 solid headbands.

Use code: FREESHIPPING on your order!

One Comment on “Review: Manda Bees Headbands

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