Dating Detox

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You’re a great girl, but keep meeting all the wrong guys, it could be time for a dating detox. Take time to clear your mind – yoga works wonders. It’s time to flush the dating fatigue from your system and put you back in the game better than before.

It’s no use trying to start fresh if you’re still holding onto what dragged you down in the first place. Learning to let go is critical to your well-being and being the best version of yourself.  

This is something my eyelash girl taught me, and you have no idea how beneficial it’s been to me. Identify the kind of partner YOU want to be, and make a plan of how you can get to be that person. Next describe in detail the guy you desire to be with.

What’s your happy?
Make a list of things that make YOU happy. i.e. Get lost in your favorite movie, book or tv show, a quick vacation, a bubble bath, sign up for a class or workshop, attend a new gym class… etc.

Happy + Active = Attractive
You know the moment you finish a workout, you’re breathing heavy and all sweaty and some guy comes up to you and hits on you at that precise moment. You think, “If you like me now you should see me dolled up!” Believe it or not, after a workout you are at your most attractive to men. You’re glowing from that endorphin rush.

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