SinfulColors: Spring Fever 2015

Temperatures may still be dipping below zero here in Michigan, but I am already embracing spring. SinfulColors has put out a collection of 24 new and existing shades in honor of spring.
My favorites: Cream Pink, Innocent, Ring the Belini, Prized Plume and Flower Power


Cloud 9: orange
Cream Pink: bubble gum pink
Energetic Red: fire engine red
Feel The Vibe: citrus orange
God Medal: metallic gold
Innocent: green apple
Let’s Meet: lemon yellow
Let’s Talk: royal purple
Nail Junkie: sparkle infused aqua
Navy I Do: perfect navy blue
Sail La Vie: sea blue
Savage: matte turquoise
Tempest: lilac purple
Thumbleberry: coral

Opalescent Trend Toppers
Flight To See: prismatic plum
Prized Plume: peacock blue
Sheer Flight: jeweled emerald

Citrus Twist Toppers
Horizon Shine: high shine crimson red
Ring The Belini: metallic tangerine
Zest Of Times: metallic magenta

Bloomblast Glitters
Flower Power: baby pink with white and fuchsia speckles
Petal Be The Day: blue with purple confetti
Standing Bloom Only: mango with magenta speckles

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