How To: Avoid The Winter "10"

Winter has arrived and that means roaring fires, binge-watching movies, snuggle and comfy coat season is in full swing. On the downside, it’s comfort food season. Lots of us fall victim to the “winter 10” and it doesn’t have to be that way.  Here are three tips for surviving the winter: 

1. Keep to your regular exercise schedule. I try to continue to go to my Pilates and Kickboxing classes each week. Too snowy or cold to leave the house? No problem! My Yoga Online and BeachBody DVD’s are great options.    

2. Don’t party hungry. Holiday parties are filled with plenty of hard-to-resist treats, so be sure to load up on fruits and veggies beforehand.  

3. Keep healthy snacks handy. You never know when you might get hungry so having a healthy snack in your purse is key. Things like nuts, nut butters or protein bars are perfect to have on hand.

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