Must Have: FlipBelt

I received a complimentary FlipBelt on behalf of Fit Approach and FlipBelt. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

I run and attend bootcamp classes quite often and the biggest problem is that my workout clothing has no pockets. I find myself stuffing my sports bra with my keys, phone and license -pretty annoying. So you can imagine why I jumped at the opportunity to try a FlipBelt. I honestly don\’t know how I have been functioning without one. It\’s amazing what a difference having a FlipBelt has made. I feel like I can focus on my workout instead of worrying about my keys getting stolen or me throwing my phone across the woods (yeaaah that\’s happened while running).

FlipBelt offers a variety of fantastic colors. Naturally I went with the pink one!

Why I love the FlipBelt:

• Choice of colors: The FlipBelt can add a little something extra to your outfit and with a great variety of colors one will definitely match your mood.

• Pockets!: There are four pockets perfect for storing your celly, license, money, keys…etc

• Hands free: As long as you flip it over you\’re giving extra security and don\’t have to worry about losing your possesions.

• Comfort: The FlipBelt is definitely comfortable, even during bootcamp classes I forget that I am wearing it.

I highly recommend getting a FlipBelt if you do not own one! Get yours here and receive 10% off when you use code sweat33

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