Are You Choosing Leashes Over Strollers?

Once you get to be a certain age, it happens. An inner clock starts ticking, you see them everywhere, your heart starts to melt and you want one of your own to love, cuddle, spoil and take care of. You wonder will I ever be a pet parent?
Yes, that’s right I’m talking about puppies, not babies.

Evidently, unmarried women in their late 20s and 30s make up the demographic that buys the most small dogs (that’s me), and some even speculate that these women tend to have fewer children later in life.

I am sure if you are a dog-lover you can agree that dogs bring just as much joy as a baby would with a whole lot less work.

Has puppy fever become the new baby fever?

What’s your position? Team Puppy? Team Baby? Team Puppy and Baby? Team I can only take care of myself (hi roomie ;))

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